who are we?

We are a group of students who play hide and seek in different buildings on campus throughout the academic year. From traditional hide and seek to variations such as sardines or manhunt, we cover them all. It doesn't matter where you're from, what faculty you're in, or whether you're a student, staff member, or alumni, all are welcome to come along and join the fun!

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how does it work?

Every week, we choose a different building on campus to play hide and seek in. After everyone has gathered at the meeting point and checked in, the fun begins. There are usually three different rounds per event. The first round is traditional hide and seek, while the second and third rounds are a variation, such as sardines or manhunt. Each round lasts approximately 18 minutes— 3 minutes for hiding and 15 minutes for seeking. At the start of each round, participants set the designated time on their phone, watch, or clock. As the round progresses and hiders are found, they check back in at the meeting point. Once time has run out, anyone who has not been found returns to the meeting point and prepares for the next round. Points are awarded for participation and for surviving a whole round without being found. Seekers can also gain extra points for finding a certain percentage of the hiders. At the end of the semester, the members with the most points win some awesome prizes. 

executive team

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Lauren Bernakevitch


Lauren is in her 3rd year of a business degree, she used to be in accounting but went through a midlife crisis, so now she's in marketing. Her education may be in shambles but she plays hide and seek every Friday to forget the mess she’s made of her life. She’s also really enjoying getting to be the president of such a great club, even with all the paperwork. Her favourite building to play in is Convocation Hall because that’s the only building she’s ever found a hiding place in, but she also enjoys getting lost in Tory (seriously how can anyone find their way around that entity absent of time or space?). Lauren doesn’t have a lot of hobbies but she does do a lot of BuzzFeed Quizzes, so there’s that.


Cobie Snellen

Vice President - Internal

Hide and Seek Cobie is a 4th year biosci student who probably doesn’t have time to play hide and seek but does so anyway because it’s a great way to relieve stress and make amazing friends! She’s been a part of the hide and seek club for 2 years and her favourite building is law because it has the best secret hiding spots that only her and Justine know. She’s excited to take part as a club exec and try to help make H&S grow and thrive! In her free time she loves to enjoy the outdoors, watch Netflix or take a cozy afternoon nap.


Julia de Milliano

Vice President - Advancement

Hi! I’m Julia and I am a fifth year Classics major. (Long story... don’t ask!) This is my third year at the U of A and as part of the Hide and Seek Club and I am so happy I joined the club. We are such a good friend group and as a club we do so many fun things, such as Antifreeze teams and (fingers crossed) laser tag field trips! I usually spend most of my time on campus in the various cozy study spots and I like to give off the classy academic vibe. Languages are my thing which is why I voluntarily decided to take Latin and Greek intensive courses over the summer (RIP my brain) and I have also studied French, Spanish, and am beginning German. At some point I think they will just combine to form one unholy combination of foreign words. My favourite building to play hide and seek in is Law and my favourite special round is sardines!


Taylor Savoy

Vice President - External

Taylor is a classics student at some unknown point in his degree. He originally went to NAIT to study video game design but has since discovered the glory of the Roman Empire and now spends his time converting his friends and family to Paganism. Taylor's preferred way of hiding is in small enclosed spaces such a closets or lockers though he often deeply regrets it. As the VP External Taylor isn't really sure what he's supposed to do but that's generally the norm for most of his life. When Taylor isn't converting his friends to ancient religious cults or scouting out hiding places he can almost always be found in a coffee shop line somewhere on Campus. 

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Caleb Lefebvre

Vice President - Finance

Hello to all! I’m Caleb and the VP financial for this year. I’m currently in my third year of University and my first year in my Comp. Sci. degree. It’s also my 3rd year with the Hide and Seek club! As part of the executive group, we all work hard to make the club a fun and inviting place to anyone who wants to join! And we also try to branch out and do other things as a club, which are also incredibly fun, such as parties, participating in events on campus and trying to organize fun things to do off campus. I spend my time on campus usually asleep, or trying to find out where I’m supposed to be, cause I usually don’t know. My favourite building to play in is BioSci. And my favourite game is Cops vs. Robbers.