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Who are we?

The University of Alberta Hide and Seek Club is exactly what it sounds like. We are a group of students who play hide and seek in different buildings on campus throughout the academic year. From traditional hide and seek to variations such as sardines or manhunt, we cover them all. It doesn't matter where you're from, what faculty you're in, or whether you're a student, staff member, or alumni, all are welcome to come along and join the fun!

How does it work?

Every week, we choose a different building on campus to play hide and seek in. After everyone has gathered at the meeting point and checked in, the fun begins. There are usually three different rounds per event. The first round is traditional hide and seek, while the second and third rounds are a variation, such as sardines or manhunt. Each round lasts approximately 18 minutes— 3 minutes for hiding and 15 minutes for seeking. At the start of each round, participants set the designated time on their phone, watch, or clock. As the round progresses and hiders are found, they check back in at the meeting point. Once time has run out, anyone who has not been found returns to the meeting point and prepares for the next round. Points are awarded for participation and for surviving a whole round without being found. Seekers can also gain extra points for finding a certain percentage of the hiders. At the end of the semester, the members with the most points win some awesome prizes. 

How can I join?

Joining the University of Alberta Hide and Seek Club is super simple. First, head over to our membership page and fill out the membership form (or sign up in person at an event). Next, read over the rules of the game, including the different variations and our 10 Commandments. Finally, choose an event from our schedule and join us at the designated meeting point. Our membership fee is $10 for a semester and 20$ for the whole year and can be paid in cash at any event. Included with the membership fee is one of our fancy, branded wristbands that will help to identity you as a participant to other players. Make sure to bring it along to every event!

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