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10 Commandments

  1. Thou shalt respect the University of Alberta campus

  2. Thou shalt respect thine fellow participants

  3. Thou shalt abide by the Student Code of Conduct

  4. Thou shalt not breach the predetermined boundaries

  5. Thou shalt play with integrity and honesty

  6. Thou shalt not purchase ones way into a hiding place

  7. Thou shalt not hide in gender specific areas, labs, or restricted areas

  8. Thou shalt not hide in rooms that are occupied without verbal permission

  9. Thou art not obliged to reveal one's totally righteous hiding spot

  10. Thou shalt have fun!

Traditional Hide and Seek

Traditional Hide and Seek is exactly what you played as a kid. We have one seeker for every ten hiders. Once a hider is found by a seeker, they return to home base.


Sardines is reverse hide and seek. The game starts out with only one hider, and all others seeking. Whenever a seeker finds the one hider, they join them in their hiding spot! 


Manhunt is regressive hide and seek. The game starts out with one seeker, and all others hiding. Once a hider has been found, they too become a seeker. This is a true test of ones hiding skills! 

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